Welcome to the Pugh Capital website. We are pleased you are taking the time to visit and hope to provide you with an overview of the firm as well as to pique your interest in delving deeper into our products and services.

Our vision when founding Pugh Capital was to create a company dedicated to managing fixed income portfolios for institutional clients. We were also committed to building excellent client relationships as well as to increasing diversity within the investment community of the Pacific Northwest.

I am proud to say that since the firm's inception our foundation has remained sound. We continue to focus exclusively on fixed income investment management, with a team comprising a diverse, ethical and highly experienced group of investment professionals. We remain dedicated to delivering the highest quality client service and have been successful in building long term-relationships. This is best measured by the fact that the majority of our clients have chosen to entrust the firm with additional funds to manage. At Pugh Capital our style emphasizes high quality, high touch portfolio management and a client-centric culture.

Thank you for visiting our website, and for your interest in Pugh Capital.

Mary Pugh
CEO and Chief Investment Officer

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