Pugh Capital is committed to using its expertise, team talent and passion for making a difference to create positive impacts in our community. Through board and investment committee service and other volunteer work we invest our time and talent to uplift the organizations we support. Our donations to non-profits leverage our impact.As an organization who embraces DEI and the value that knowledge, credentials and education can provide, we have a particular interest in supporting youth, BIPOC communities,education, and experiential learning. We are passionate about providing diverse students with the opportunity to learn about finance and fixed income. We engage with students through volunteering with teaching classes, engaging with students on campuses, and providing internships for college students. As a financial organization, we have a goal of increasing diversity within our industry as a component of our service model.

These foundational building blocks lead us to focus our giving to non-profit organizations that look to increase STEM success (financial literacy) among BIPOC students, decrease the education gap for minorities, and provide valuable experiences and exposure to careers in finance. By doing so, we are helping to increase diversity and representation in the finance industry and creating more inclusive and equitable economic opportunities for all. Our areas of focus for corporate philanthropy emphasizes supporting employee community engagement, DEI and the value that knowledge, credentials, experiences and education can provide.


At Pugh Capital, we recognize that diversity, equity & inclusion is not just a concept, it is fundamental to who we are. It is a part of our identity, our values, and our mission.We believe that being a successful inclusive firm in both ownership and talent provides a proof statement and an example in our industry that diversity matters, is competitive, and performs.

We recognize and embrace the importance of promoting diversity in our company, the asset management industry, and our communities. Our commitment to diversity extends to investing in future generations and partnering with clients to elevate our mutual impact within the industry and community. At Pugh Capital, diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to driving long-term success, creating community, and contributing to positive societal impact.


We are happy to announce that Pugh Capital was named to Constellation Finance Organization’s inaugural DEI Honor Roll. This prestigious award recognizes our dedication in creating an organization and culture that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion values that lie at the heart of our organization. Pugh Capital strives to make a difference in the workplace, our industry and community.

Firms chosen for this distinction were evaluated on a range of criteria, including board demographics, corporate DEI structure, policies and goals related to DEI strategy and creating an equitable workplace.

Pugh Capital has been honored as one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management” by Pensions & Investments for the 6th consecutive year in the small employer category! This recognition speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to cultivating an exceptional workplace culture where every member of our team thrives. We’re dedicated to empowering our employees to reach new heights every day.

Pension & Investments Best Places to Work in Money Management 2018 – 2023 (Small Firm Category). This award does not assess or reflect on the quality of investment management services provided. Please see Awards and Rankings Disclosures on the Disclosures tab.